Welcome to the online home of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy’s Next Generation Board.

A centre of excellence at the BCCI, empowering the next generation of professionals to be the driving force of change in business.

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Make the space, grow opportunities, embrace the future. The BCCI Next  Generation Board is the bridge between Italian business and aspiring young professionals. Join us, and launch yourself and your business into the future.


The BCCI Next Generation Board is under the umbrella of the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. It has the goal of connecting young business professionals with businesses operating in Italy and the UK. We provide aperitivo’s, training sessions, roundtables and events inspired by our aim to make young professionals the driving force of change in business.

The BCCI Next Generation Board’s aims are as follow:

  • Provide members with events, training and networking opportunities through which they can expand their networks, skills, and talents.
  • Connect the next generation of the BCCI with senior members for mentoring and reverse mentoring opportunities – preparing businesses for the future through an alliance between generations.
  • Create reports and collaborative pieces of work with Italian businesses and universities.


AI and Ethics: Changing the Workplace – SAVE THE DATE

This is a momentous announcement for the Next Generation group as we are hosting a discussion in collaboration with our partners at the Microsoft MACH community. We will hear from representatives of leading Italian e-commerce, defence companies and Microsoft on how young professionals are leading the ethical discussions around the challenges AI is posing. We …

3rd Business Youth Aperitif

We are pleased to announce that the 3rd Business Youth Aperitif will be happening in collaboration with the American, Swiss, German, Spanish, French and Swedish Chambers of Commerce at the Volvo Studio in Milan on the 13th November. Sign up here: http://www.britchamitaly.com/en-WR/events/bcci/detail?contentid=553

IES Abroad and Next Generation

Tonight we are pleased to listen to Fnan Tekley and Emanuele Frezza talk about their experiences starting out in the work place. See you all at Nuì from 19:00. If you haven’t already signed up, you can do so here: http://www.britchamitaly.com/en-WR/events/bcci/detail?contentid=546  


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